Last Thursday 25th of May we had the second online meeting between the entities and professional schools that participate in this project financed by the European Union. 

On this occasion, the data presented by each country was evaluated in order to continue deepening the research that this programme promotes. 

The objective is to continue advancing in the knowledge of the different policies on Vocational Training in the different participating countries, as well as to know the competences that help to improve employability and cooperation between schools and companies. 

Thanks again to the research conducted by Anthropolis Association, which continues to collect good practices and interviews with experts in Vocational Education and Training. 

We also continue to prepare the next meeting in Valencia (Spain) which will be held between 10 and 14 June through Joves Solides and with the participation of our school. 

We hope to meet all the participating teams and to be able to share good practices and research aimed at improving the competitiveness of VET. 

See you soon!

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