International Trade: a chance for your future

The first time you set foot on the International Trade (ciclo formativo de grado superior en Comercio Internacional) class it may seem a bit overwhelming. All those subjects in English, all the classmates with an Oxford-like accent and first and foremost a new environment in which it’s normal to feel out of place. 

What am I doing here? Is this for me? Will I be able to pass the course year? Without any doubt you are going to succeed, I’m going to show you why with the opinions of some students that nowadays are finishing their first year of International Trade (título de dos años en Formación Profesional de grado superior):

“My first year as an International Trade student at Xavier is being amazing! When I decided to take this course, I was really nervous and, as time went by, super excited.” 

“Since the beginning of the course, I felt the kindness of my classmates and of my teachers. I received a lot of support.”

“The course is challenging and sometimes it can be very difficult, but my tutors are always there to help and answer questions in person as well as via email.”

“During these months the teachers have taught me many aspects of international trade, which I did not know. They help us in everything and give us lots of confidence.”

“The best thing about this school is that they want us to grow personally and professionally, as they provide us with internships in companies.”

Don’t be shy, take the chance, come and learn with us! 


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