We are students of 2nd year of Commercial Activities and we are studying the subject Technical Sale in English.  After finishing first unit we have worked on a project called “Shopping in Valencia”.

In groups of 3 people we had to analyse if Valencia is a city prepared for foreign tourists. Every group had to analyse one street and recognize how many English signs were found (inside the shops, outside in their windows stores or the titles of the shops…).

For example, Nacho, Alberto and Diego analysed Poeta Querol St., which is one of the most famous streets in Valencia. They found menus written in English in restaurants and they even talked with some shop assistants and waiters to ask if they spoke English.The labels of the products were also written in different languages. And employees were very kind and said that they spoke English.

Mario, Javi and Jorge analysed Paz St, while Celia and Miquel went through Jorge Juan St.   Vicente and Carla told us in their presentation that all shops in the city center are adapted to foreign tourists. According to Santiago, Sofia and I, Santa Ana St. is a street where English is not widely spoken. For example, in ‘100 Montaditos’, the waiter told us that he did not speak English. However, Alejandro Pérez told us that he came into Santa Catalina, where the famous chocolate is served, and English is spoken. He had to analyse La Reina Square.

Marina and Alejandro Lorente made a different work because they went to Alboraya St, which is a street near our school but not in the city center.  They observed that there weren’t shops with posters in English.

The conclusion is that Valencia, as a multicultural city, is prepared for foreign tourists in the city center. However, if we consider other streets, such as Alboraya St far from the city center, we have to improve a lot.

It was interesting activity because we enjoyed so much going outside class!

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